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Hong Kong “Eat like a local” Culinary tour

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Fancy a food tour?

Yes there are many food that just doesn’t sound right in Chinese cuisines, however, out of the 8 major types of Chinese cuisines, Cantonese is the most popular out of them all and Hong Kong lives right in the heart of Cantonese cuisine. Let me walk you through our local food chain for a day from top presented to street bottom popular. Taste buds tingling?

We will begin from your hotel. Depending on how empty your stomach is on the day, we will plan first on how much food we’re going to have. Cantonese delicacies and local snacks will be the main focus of the day. There are a list of local must tries that I will show you. There are many places in Hong Kong that you really need a true local to show you. I personally don’t really take weird food; so I have a taste bud that is similar to yours so that you can relax about what you will be eating. The Hong Kong government has a tight regulation on food safety and hygiene measures; so there’s no food safety hazards. All you have to do is to prepare your stomach for the day and let me know your hungriness out of a rating of 1 to 5 on the day (5 being you are extremely hungry) and just follow me.

Price: US$ 399 minimum 4 hours for 4 people. Extra person will be charged at US$ 50 per person for up to 10 pax maximum.

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