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Macau “Be a Local” city tour

Asia’s Las Vegas!

So what have you hear about Macau? Since when have you heard of this city called Macau? I remembered only 10 years ago, if I talked to somebody about Macau, the simply response would be “Where’s Macau?” Ever since the reshuffle of gaming license back in 2002, Macau had hopped onto an economic high speed train and redeveloped itself into a gaming, recreation and travel hub for the whole of Asia. It did not take long before its annual gaming revenue exceeded Las Vegas to become the top gambling town of the world. Nowadays Macau is full of tourists coming from across Asia for short vacations as well as long haul tourists coming to Macau to do a side day trip from Hong Kong. But what has Macau really got on offer? Yes casinos, but not just casinos! Macau was a Portuguese colony with Portuguese governance for over 500 years before it officially handed back over to China in 1999. So there are distinctive rich Chinese cultures with rich Portuguese influences to be unveiled for ones who has never been, histories even older than what Hong Kong has to offer!

Tours will begin from your hotel, either from Hong Kong or Macau. Will visit from the “Ah Ma” temple and through the historic trail, where in 2006 was appointed as one of the “World Heritage” sites of the world, displaying what Macau’s 500 year old history has on offer, the true “East meets West”. Different historic churches, halls, squares and gardens are all not to be missed as they are all beautiful European styled ancient architectures. Ruins of St Paul, Mount Fortress garden, Senado square, are all some of the must see sites. Lunch will be tasting local Portuguese food with hints of oriental influences. Later in the day will surely not to miss the local resorts development, it has now over 30 casinos for you to visit! Not only showing you how fast things had grew in Macau but also a great place to rest after some exercise in the outdoors. On our journey, will also get to know how the locals go by their days in this city as well as tasting some very delicious well known local snacks.

I have lived and worked in Macau recently for 2 years, it will be my honor to show you around this amazing town. But trust me, it is not as easy to get around as in Hong Kong, so local knowledge would definitely benefit.

Photo opportunities at the back streets of Macau is definitely not to be missed

Local snack dining (ever heard of the famous “Nata” Portuguese Egg tart?)

Macau night skyline photo opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss also.

The historic and Macau’s main attractions are all accessible by foot, being in a vehicle to see them all are certainly not advised. The tour will consist of around 2-3 hours of walking to visit the sites. Of course at your pace and will be taking breaks.

Hoping around in Macau will be using a range of public transportation including buses, taxis and casino shuttles. If vehicles are required, I can arrange from US$320 per day including driver and gasoline for use of up to 10 hours.

Tour Price: US$ 720 minimum for 10 hours for 4 people. Extra person will be charged at US$ 50 per person for up to 10 pax maximum.

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