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Shenzhen Local Guided Tour

The Shenzhen”er” explorer day tour

Explore China! Where nothing is impossible! Take a look at China’s entrance point for the world; welcoming all international traders and manufacturers to knockoffs bargain hunters or just anyone who would like to take a peek into mainland China to see how it had become a superpower country, its developments and what they mean by “economic super highway”. Looking inside deeply on the results of the Peral River Delta, how it has developed into a mega-city in just over 30 years.

We will start from your hotel lobby and head straight to Lo Wu, the central suburb of Shenzhen. From there, we will head to the high levels to observe the whole city and also to explain to you the city and southern china’s developments. Then will head to overseas Chinese town for a light lunch and also see some local Chinese folk, culture, & villages. Then we will have a choice of heading to windows of the world or to head to the shops for some local bargains.

Focus of the day will be showing you how this city has developed over the past 30 years with stories, facts and figures.

Please be reminded that the majority of foreign passport holders will need a visa to enter into mainland China. If you have not prepared one, then we can get a landing visa at the port starting from RMB$168 (US$26). Some specific countries may require a higher fee. This visa will only be valid for maximum 5 days.

If you would like to organize a vehicle, it will cost US$100 for the day including driver. Highly recommended!

Price: US$ 560 minimum 6 hours for up to 5 people. Extra person will be charged at US$ 50 per person for up to 10 pax maximum.

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