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5 Popular Tourist Destinations in Shenzhen You Must Explore while Visiting Hong Kong

In addition to being a leading financial center, Hong Kong also has a rich cultural and historical heritage. Despite being a part of China, Hong Kong maintains its own political and economic system. Also, the city is a former British colony. Hence, you must visit several places of cultural significance to experience in the diverse culture of Hong Kong.

You can even consider visiting Shenzhen, a major financial center, located at a distance of 17 kilometers from Hong Kong. Shenzhen is a relatively modern city, and does not feature many natural scenic spots. But a large number of international tourists visit Shenzhen to experience the unique Chinese culture of the region by visiting several theme parks, botanical gardens, and museums.

5 Popular Tourist Destinations in Shenzhen


1) Tien Hou Temple

Tien Hou Temple Shenzhen

(Image Source: visionsoftravel)

The temple dedicated to Tian Hou, goddess of the sea, was originally constructed during the reign of Song Dynasty. But the temple has a history of being destroyed and rebuilt several times. Many international tourists visit the Tien Hou Temple to observe its authentic and distinct architecture and decoration. The pungent smell of the incense burning in the central hall will further take you back in time. Like other visitors, you will love the experience of exploring the Drum Tower and three levels of the structure, while capturing impressive photos. However, you can visit certain sections of the structure which are being renovated now.

2) China Folk Cultural Village

china folk culture village shenzhen

(Image Credited by: Youtube)

The China Folk Village was founded in 1991 to showcase the cultural and artistic heritage of China to international visitors. The village covers an area of 158,000 square kilometers. Also, the area is designed as a national style museum consisting 24 distinct villages of 21 varying nationalities. Many international tourists spend time in the China Folk Village to observe the distinct art, culture and literature of the Chinese people. Also, they love to experience the lifestyle and customs of the local people by participating in several national festivals.

3) Happy Valley Theme Park

Happy Valley Theme Park

(Image Credited by: WikiPedia)

The Happy Valley Theme Park is located near the Window of the World Theme Park. The theme park covers an area of 85 acres, and is divided into a number of theme areas like Cartoon City. Hence, visitors love to indulge in exciting activities by picking the theme area of their choice.  They also love to explore a water park which is accessible to tourists during May to October. However, you cannot explore the theme park fully by walking. Hence, you have to consider taking a ride to explore many theme areas within a short amount of time.

4) Window of the World

Window of the World

(Image Source: Tripzilla)

As a large theme park, the Window of the World enables visitors to stroll around over 130 miniature replicas of international places of cultural, historical and architectural significance. The theme park covering an area of 48 hectares is divided into a number of small sight spot. Each site spot contains miniatures of the popular tourist destinations of the world located in a specific region. While visiting the Window of the World in the evening, you have option to enjoy entertaining night shows, along with folk music and dance of the region.

5) Dameisha and Xiaomeisha Beaches

Dameisha and Xiaomeisha Beaches

Image Source: Youtube

While holidaying in Shenzhen, international tourists love to explore two popular seaside resorts in the Yantian District – Dameisha and Xiaomeisha. The two beaches are located at a distance of few kilometers. Hence, many tourists visit the beaches to experience tropic scenery and fresh air. They also love to taste a variety of seafood dishes provided by various restaurants and roadside. Many visitors even love to indulge in exciting surfing and other water sports by availing the equipments and devices on rent.

You have option to make the one day trip to Shenzhen from Hong Kong by train, ferry or bus. But you must plan your Hong Kong trip properly to explore the popular tourist destinations in Hong Kong. You can even consider availing one day trip to Shenzhen from Hong Kong packages provided by reputable private tour operators to explore the region in a quick and comfortable way.