Last updated: March 20th, 2020

Dear This Is Asia Tours Travelers,

We have responded to many individual inquiries regarding the Coronavirus / COVID-19, and as this is a rapidly changing situation, we will continue working to address everyone’s concerns as quickly as possible. Much of our communications thus far have been channelled through our group leaders, as will further updates, as we realize local governments and the international community are also weighing in on the feasibility of travel at this time. As the situation unfolds, we hope that this page may serve as a resource for our travelers to know the risks, our preparedness, our cancellation terms and the impact of travel insurance.

Since our founding in 2010, the health and safety of our clients, travelers, and employees have been the number one priority at This Is Asia Tours. The community in Hong Kong together with our local experience have kept our travelers’ safe during numerous worldwide events such as the SARS outbreak 2003, and H1N1 outbreak in 2009 to name a few.

We are actively following the guidance of the Department of Health (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region), The Hong Kong SAR Government, and the World Health Organization (WHO) to help ensure the actions we are taking are in line with the latest recommendations. We are also in close communication with our partners on the ground across Hong Kong, Macau, and Shenzhen and around the world.

It is our policy that all our trips will run as planned unless an official travel ban or pertinent geographic quarantine makes it unfeasible. This is not to dismiss the risks or concerns, but it is a stance of careful readiness in response to current mandated travel restrictions, or rather the lack thereof.

Vendors across the world have increased their cleaning protocols in response to COVID-19. Public transport and our private vehicles are being cleaned and sanitized nightly. Airlines have HEPA air filter systems installed on aircraft and have increased the frequency at which they are conducting deep cleaning of aircraft to nightly. Museums, restaurants, amusement parks and other attractions have added additional cleaning and sanitation measures. In our part of the world where we were deeply impacted by the SARS outbreak back in 2003, we have learned our lessons and are taking these extra steps to sanitize public venues, as well as very good practice of personal hygiene in preventing any levels of contamination.

For continuing updates on the situation, please visit the Hong Kong Department of Health site:
Also for information by the World Health Organization, see:

Hong Kong Ongoing Unrest

We understand your concern in regards to the news of the ongoing protests you have seen in Hong Kong since mid-2019. The situation now has eased as the violent parts of the protests are over in the meantime with the local Hong Kong government handling the situation of revealing small steps at a time. Unveiling the truth of every stage of mixed conflicts since mid-2019. This is now an ongoing legal process within our justice system which will take long periods of time to resolve. In our modest opinion, as long as the local Hong Kong government is not initiating probes or announcements that will make the public angry, the people of Hong Kong will not be coming out on the streets to produce an image that is not welcoming for our international guests.

On the other hand, we here at This Is Asia are closely monitoring news and social media together with our local knowledge, keeping an eye on the latest situation should anything escalates. We would definitely avoid any danger towards our guests and putting in place the best recommendations. We show our guests the best of what we promised for our tours in showing the true face of our local community, our cultures yet not missing out on the fundamentals of each of part of our cities, which we have successfully produced over the last half of 2019 with many happy guests walking out of our tours. We are here to assure you there is no better way than being with a local while traveling. Allowing you to see Hong Kong like a local, and to become a local.

Flexible Cancellation Policy

Under normal circumstances, our team would seek confirmation from you before processing a customer-requested cancellation that is outside of your standard cancellation policy. Under the flexible cancellation policy, and to best assist you and reduce the volume of calls from our support teams to you, we will automatically cancel and fully refund all customer-requested cancellations. This policy will also apply to non-refundable bookings. Accordingly, we will not be making payment for these canceled bookings. As the situation is constantly changing, we will ensure to keep you informed of any updates.

Thank you for your continued trust and loyalty. Should you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly for your trip or any member of our team.

This Is Asia Torus – Hong Kong Macau Shenzhen