Did you always wish you had a local friend to take you around when you travel?

Is communication a problem for you when you tour in Asia?

Have always fascinated about the rich cultures of Hong Kong and Macau?

Want to swift around like a local?

I’ve been a tourist to other countries as well, so I understand the needs of being in another place unfamiliar to me. I want to be safe and I don’t want to have to worry. Therefore, it’s very important to me that my tour provides you with a no worries, safe and secure environment.
I have lived in both cities of Hong Kong and Macau. My friends call me a street sider as I always love to explore and the small details of inner city living. I think this has been a habit of mine and has had something to do with growing up in the city of Melbourne, where little lanes corners will find yourself in a different world.

I grew up in Australia through my teenage and early twenties life and now settles myself in here in Hong Kong. I have had 10 years of hospitality experience, where I learnt a lot about how tourists are and their needs. I am young, knowledgeable, local and most importantly I understand the differences between western and local cultures. As a guide, I advocate Reliability, Responsibility and Resourcefulness.

Yet, I’m also a believer in tailored service. I believe all tours shall be different as everybody’s needs and wants are different. It will be fun showing you the excitements of Hong Kong and Macau at the same time learn a little about your country and its culture too. This life is a learning experience. It goes by the saying, learns a little, gives a little. So I’m learning each day to be a better guide so that I can give you a memorable experience being on tour with me. I’m very flexible so you can truly enjoy your visit/vacation/holiday/getaway or however you would want to name it. I’m easy to talk to and friendly too. With me, you can enjoy, relax and chit chat, because apart from being your tour guide, I’m also your friend!

I am a food enthusiast! If you are looking for a culinary experience, just count on me. Tell me what your likes and dislikes are of food, I’ll bring you to the food that suits your needs. There’s just too much good food to choose from that I myself can’t get enough of! Hong Kong, Asia’s world city has it all and I’ll gladly show you.

I have had friend’s visits from overseas and I had previously organized private, authentic and original tours to great places. My goal is to take you off the beaten track to locations where you would never come on your own. To show and practice the local traditions and explore the streets of Hong Kong. For city tours, I always recommend using public transport. This is a fun experience and gives the best feel and manoeuvrability of the city. For trips out of the city, I will arrange a VIP van, it comes with upgraded interior and comfortable leather seats. If you have special wishes please let me know. Making tailor-made tours to match with your personal interests is what I do best.

I can also assist you in planning your trip, suggesting places of interests other than our usual tour path, help you orientate, directing you on how to go to places.
The best scenario is to take up one of my tours upon your arrival, get a feel of the local area and with our planning, you will have confidence going around on your own with a breeze seeing all that you want to see.


Born in Guangdong, China, spent the early years in Macau, settled in Hong Kong since adolescence, travelled from city to city in China and other countries for work, leisure, and experience – I may not have seen it all, but it should be good enough to share my knowledge and experience of the current and accent Chinese culture and other cultures with you when you are visiting my home – Hong Kong.

I am a people person – I like people and they like me! My happy, easy-going and open-minded personality helps me making friends with almost everyone in a snap of a finger! I love listening to people’s different experience, their interesting life stories and cultures plus of course, I love to share mine as well. Meeting and making new friends and sharing experience and stories with others is some of my favorite activities – that’s why I love being a tour guide: I can share my knowledge and experience in the Chinese culture with you and learn about yours – that is so much fun! What’s more is that Hong Kong is such an interest city – east meets west, accent meets modern, vibrant vibe in the city centre vs. serenity in the sub-urbans, lots of city activities vs. abundance of outdoor activities surrounded by nature within an hour or so drive. You name it, we can go there together!

Other than people and culture, I love food too! I am a foodie and what is a better way to gather with friends and learn about them while enjoying different kinds of cruises! I dare to say, if you are willing to try, you can enjoy almost every kind of cruises in Hong Kong: whether it is the local street food or a fine dinning experience in a 3-star Michelin restaurant.

In addition to enjoying traveling around, I also like food. Fortunately, I have inherited the genes that I love cooking from my grandfather. When I don’t have to work, I like to cook for my family and friends. When I enjoy the food, I can enhance my feelings and understanding. Because I like food, when I explore a new city, I will enjoy visiting the local market. I want to know why local people like this food, perhaps because of a life culture and habit, or because of local climate change. It may be an industry left over from ancient traditions, and food often makes it faster and easier to understand.

Let’s make a date for me to show you what I and Hong Kong can offer you to have a unique traveling experience!


Greetings fellow travelers! Welcome to Hong Kong, the Pearl of the Orient!

Allow me to share with you the finest ways to experience all facets of this truly magnificent city, culturally, historically and visually, just as locals do; so that when we are finished, you will be able to confidently and knowledgeably relate the modern story of Hong Kong as an inquisitive and well informed cultural traveler.

I’m an American of Asian descent and I have lived as a local in an old local style neighborhood of Kowloon for 16 years. I spent substantial amounts of time here on business and pleasure over the years following my earliest visits in the 1970s and witnessed the evolution of this city as well as the rest of North and South East Asia over the past 40 years.

I am also a retired international lawyer with strong Asian roots and I have reinvented myself as a professional artist, urban street photographer, and a street-savvy premium Hong Kong guide.

I have literally spent thousands of hours walking the streets of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories, and Old Macau, camera in hand, searching for all manner of intriguing people, local points of interest, fine eateries and the wonders of Cantonese street culture.

In my preparations to serve as your premium guide, I have also logged countless of hours engaging in cultural and historical research of pre-colonial, colonial and modern-day Hong Kong. I pride myself in being a keen social observer, an artist/entertainer, a lover of good food and a culturally intelligent human being.

I have plenty of intriguing local facts and anecdotes to share with each and every one of you. My mission can be encapsulated as follows: To provide all of my clients with an entertaining, highly informative and street savvy premium travel experience ultimately leading to cherished memories, a portfolio of stunning on-tour photographs, an urge for further cultural and historical investigation and a strong desire to return to this fascinating city that I will call my home for many years to come.

Warm regards from Hong Kong!