Your Shenzhen Itinerary

Journey Into Mainland China

Since the end of the 20th century, Shenzhen has exploded from a small city of 100,000 residents to a booming metropolis of more than 14 million. Shenzhen, as a result, is an ideal destination to get a glimpse of the local lifestyle on mainland China and to see how the city transformed itself to accommodate the population boom.

We’ll begin at your Hong Kong hotel lobby and take the train together to Shenzhen. On the way, you’ll learn about the history of Shenzhen, how its rapid growth came about, and how it is now an entrance point to China for international traders and manufacturers.

When we arrive in Shenzhen, we’ll first explore the famous local shopping suburb of Dongmen to see how the locals shop and entertain and buy food home. Prepare to be surprised by the high standard of living here-it can be said to be better than that of Hong Kong! On this tour, we’ll explore the different lifestyles for the distinct classes within Shenzhen and perceive these differences through a favourite local activity: shopping.