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3 Coolest Spots in Hong Kong for Hipsters

In addition to being a densely populated urban center and a global financial hub, Hong Kong is also a hugely popular shopping destination. Hence, each international tourist has option choose from many places to visit and many things to do. But the hipsters love to discover and explore places that are not frequented by international tourists. They spend time at these cool spots to observe the food, music, clothing, and activities of the local people. The hipsters can always consider visiting a number of places in Hong Kong to experience the lifestyle of local people.

3 Places in Hong Kong that Hipsters will Love to Explore

1) Chic Cafes


Chic Cafes Hong Kong

Many hipsters love to experience the coffee culture of Hong Kong by spending time at various cafes. They, however, prefer small and independent coffee shops to global coffee brands. Based on his current location, each hipster has option to choose from several small coffee shops. For instance, the hipster can spend time at Opendoor Cafe + Courtyard in Sai Ying Pun, 18 Grams in Mong Kok, Knockbox Coffee Company in Kowloon, The Cupping Room in Sheung Wan, or Cofftea Shop in Kennedy Town. The visitor can further use any online search engine or travel app to gather detailed information about popular small and independent coffee shops in Hong Kong, along with customer reviews and ratings.

2) Starstreet Precint


Starstreet Precint Hong Kong

Many international visitors ignore Starstreet Precint due to its location. But the hipsters visit the subdued area located behind the Queen’s Road in Wan Chai. They love to explore the restaurants, galleries, and shops scattered across the Sun, Moon, and Star streets. Some hipsters even visit Hong Kong’s first power plant to observe the region’s history. They also love to observe the food habits of local people by eating beef, chicken, or lamb burgers at Beef & Liberty and drinking creative and classic cocktails at Ted’s Lookout. Many hipsters even purchase cards, gifts, souvenir and stationeries at affordable prices from Odd One Out.

3) South of Hollywood


Starstreet Precint

In Hong Kong, South of Hollywood (Soho) was established to cater the youth and hipsters. The area has remained a center of youthful activities and entertainment over many decades. However, Soho still retains its rich history and culture despite embracing modernity. Many hipsters love to spend time at various eateries, hip bars, and indie shops throughout the day. They also frequent Little Bao to taste delicious traditional Chinese Bao. The chef at Little Bao prepares the traditional buns with filling with a modern twist. Many hipsters even hang out at Yardbird while savouring delicious sticks of skewered meat called yakitori.

On the whole, hipsters can observer the food, music, clothing, and activities of the local people by visiting several coolest places in Hong Kong. But they may find it daunting to explore all trendy and cool places in Hong Kong within a shorter amount of time. Hence, it becomes essential for hipsters to plan their holiday in advance to find time to explore many trendy places in Hong Kong.