The agreement of any tours offered by This Is Asia Tours establishes a contractual agreement between the you (the participant) and This Is Asia Tours (herein referred to as “We”) and represents your acquiescence of the terms and conditions set out herein. Please ensure you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions prior to booking.

• All bookings are done via email. All I need would be an email from you confirming the booking and I will and must send you back a confirmation in return to confirm.
• Tour bookings are operated by First Come First Served basis, due to popularity, particularly on some specific dates, I do get more than one enquiry, so if you are interested in my private tour on your desired date then I would suggest you to book immediately.
• All my tours are generally for groups of up to 4 people, there will be a surcharge of US$50 per person from the 5th person onwards. I can only facilitate groups of up to 10 people.
• I do not allow joint groups, this tour is only operated for you and your group, so you may bring people along and I will only charge according to the number of people in your group. I will never bring in other groups on your tour, this is my promise to you that our tour is a private tour.
Tour fees and structure of the group on the day will be confirmed via email before the day, if there are any changes of the tour structure, please email us in advance, This Is Asia Tours reserves the right to amend our charges accordingly.
• For bookings I would only need your 1) Your Email Address 2) Your Home/Cell Phone Number 3) The Hotel You Are Staying
• All tours must be confirmed via email.
• Tours are only valid by receiving the confirmation email from This Is Asia Tours.


• All payments are made when we meet on the day, so there’s no deposit required.
• All payments are due on the same day we meet.
• I accept any major currencies in cash and will refer to the foreign exchange rate on the day of our tour. HKD is pegged to USD at USD$1 = HKD$7.75
• Payment of the agreed tour fees will indicate that you have read and accepted terms and conditions on this page.

Coverage of Fees

• All the said and agreed tour fees are for the service of the tour only, all expenses are excluded.
• Exclusions include, hire of vehicles, public transportations (Taxis, Mini Buses, Buses, Railways), All food and beverage items, Souvenirs, Entrance fees of all kinds.
• Spending on the day are generally quite minimal, prepare around HKD$500 for the day per person will be very sufficient for everything.


• For any reason you would like to cancel your tour, then you will need to notify me in writing via email. I will confirm with you regarding your cancellation.
• Cancellation fee of 50% is payable if the tour is cancelled 7 days prior to the start time of the tour.
• Cancellation fee of 100% is payable if the tour is cancelled 36 hours prior to the start time of the tour.
• Cancellation fee policy applies to all tours conducted by This Is Asia Tours.
• If the participant decides to no show on the day, or decides to leave in the progress of the tour, 100% of the agreed tour fee is payable.
• I can provide safe and secure methods of electronic payment for cancellation fees.
• Cancellations of tours due to bad weather is very rare from my perspective. In most cases, I would only reschedule the tour to a different time or date. This topic will certainly be discussed during our telephone conversation on the evening prior. The Hong Kong Observatory is the official weather bureau we all live upon here in Hong Kong, usually if the observatory issues a Typhoon signal 8 or above or Black rainstorm there is a high chance that we might need to cancel the tour. Any agreements will be based on between our own discretion (participant and operator).

Liabilities and Personal Accident Insurance

• All information provided on This Is Asia Tours website is correct to the best of the author knowledge, errors, misunderstandings, exceptions are not liable by This Is Asia Tours.
• Photographs and pictures appear on this website are only used as an indication of attractions, actual locations may vary depending on your tour.
• This Is Asia Tours / Jacky Wong do not assume responsibility or any liability for any tour participants’ own misunderstanding or misinterpretation of any information provided on the website or this document.
• All tours are undertaken at the tour participants’ own risk. All tours will require walking, if you are unsure about your level of fitness for this tour, please consult your doctor in prior. This Is Asia Tours / Jacky Wong accept no liability or obligation in the event of any illness, injury, death or loss or damage to personal property.
• Personal fitness and any medication condition or medication being taken that might affect your health on participating in any of our tours must be notified to This Is Asia Tours in writing via email prior to the tour.
• Personal Accident Insurance coverage is strongly recommended.
• For the benefit of the group, This Is Asia Tours reserve the right to remove any participants whose behaviours poses a threat or nuisance to others, This Is Asia Tours will not refund or cover any costs and expenses incurred due to an unacceptable behaviour.
• All food and beverage items consumed are at the participants’ risk and responsibilities, This Is Asia Tours accept no liabilities in this incidence.
• This Is Asia Tours reserve the right to photograph or file any event and participants, as well as to use such images for promotion and/or commercial purposes without further recourse and compensation.
• Information and other materials supplied to the participants, whether in hard copy or in electronic format or any other form are all personal copyrights of This Is Asia Tours, without limitation, and are not to be reproduced in whole or in part, or distributed to any Third Party in any form or whatsoever, without an expression in written permission of the copyright holder. Any breach of the concerned matter will be escalated to a civil matter.

Things You May Want to Know

• I can conduct 3 tours a day (morning, afternoon and evening), so please contact me even if I appear to be not available. In most cases I would suggest an evening tour for minimum of 4 hours to show you the busy streets of Kowloon. Many of you might not know that Hong Kong is actually a night city, in particularly Kowloon, streets and people doesn’t start until late afternoon and doesn’t end until late evening around 11pm-12pm. I would consider myself as a late night youngster so I would love to show you the exciting night streets of Kowloon, the true local style.
• If you would like to check on your desired date, please do send me an email or fill in the contact form on the website to check.
• On the evening prior to the tour I would generally call at your hotel room to check if everything is okay, how you have settled in, just for a general chat and will again confirm with you with our tour on the next day, check anything that I might need to aware of, and will tailor to any request that you may have.
• I am open to suggestions on sites that you may want to see or do specifically, i.e. some movie scenes that you would like to visit, or something that you have watched on TV and fascinated about. However, specialty tours are my profession so I would always suggest we stay away from the major tourist hotspots, i.e. the major attractions that you may find online or travel guides. The objective on my day out is to show you Hong Kong like a local, hopping by Hong Kong and seeing the real Hong Kong, yet not missing out your pre-landing impression. I am passionate in showing you my city, yet it is your tour operated just for you and your group.
• Some of you might understand what most guide operate around the world, however this is a specialty tour which focuses on sightseeing and getting a taste on being a local only. If you have specific things that you would like to buy, yes I can take or show you the best store I believe, but it will be a quick stop and then continue with our day. I’m personally not a shopper so I’m not an expert in this field nor do I work with any shops for commissions.