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5 Tourist Destinations in Macau You Must Explore during Your Hong Kong Trip

In addition to be a thriving financial center, Hong Kong is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Some international tourists love to explore the history, culture and cuisines of Hong Kong, while others love to spend time at many restaurants, pubs, shopping malls and theatres. You must consider exploring Macau while holidaying in Hong Kong. The distance between Hong Kong and Macau is only 60 kilometers. Hence, you can always plan a one day trip to Macau from Hong Kong to explore many popular tourist destinations and indulge in many exciting activities.

5 Hugely Popular Tourist Destinations in Macau


1) Macau Sky Tower:

Macau Sky Tower

(Image credited to:  Gladtur)

Macau Sky Tower is one of the 10 highest freestanding towers in the world. The 338 meters high tower is hugely popular among international visitors due to its observation deck. You must spend some time in the observation deck to see all parts of Macau from the highest point. Also, you will love to explore the restaurants, shopping malls and theaters built inside the Macau Sky Tower.

2) Kun Iam Temple:

Kun Iam Temple

(Image source: Flickr)

The 20 feet bronze statue looks like the statue of Virgin Mary designed by Portuguese artists. But it is actually dedicated to Goddess of Mercy. The statue is further installed on a building shaped as a lotus bud. The current structure of the Kun Iam Temple was constructed in 1627 on a small artificial island. You can easily reach the statue through a passage to explore its majestic architecture.

3) Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral:

Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral

(Image source: Wikipedia)

St. Paul’s Cathedral in Macau is considered as one of the most impressive Christian architectures in the world. The cathedral was originally built in the seventeenth century, and destroyed subsequently by fire in 1835. But many international tourists visit St. Paul’s Cathedral to observe its remaining architecture and façade of the church. You can even consider climbing up through a series of stairs, and observe the local events and performances.

4) Senado Square:

Senado Square

(Image Source: Itsmacau)

The area has remained as the urban center of Macau over many centuries. Senado Square is currently full of old buildings sporting British-style architecture. The area is further famous for church of St. Dominic, and the Holy House of Mercy. The international tourists love to explore the old buildings in the area to experience a part of Macau’s history and culture. However, they still have option to visit several modern restaurants and shops.

5) A-Ma Temple:

A-Ma Temple

(Image Source : Wondermondo)

In addition to being a part of UNESCO Historic Center, the temple is also one of the most prominent religious sites in Macau. The A-Ma temple is actually dedicated to A-Ma, a goddess of the seafarers. The legend associated with Goddess A-Ma further depicts the long maritime history and tradition of the region. The international tourists love to explore the unique architecture of A-Ma temple, while spending time at its distinct accessible sections.

On the whole, you have to see many places and do many things in Macau. But you must plan the trip properly to explore Macau as a part of your Hong Kong trip. You can even consider availing the services of a seasoned private tour guide to explore many popular tourist destinations in the region through one day trip to Macau from Hong Kong.