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Hong Kong Tourism Industry All Set to Personalize Travel Experience

According to the South China Morning Post, “Visitor numbers to Hong Kong slumped 4.5 per cent last year, the worst figures since 2003 when the city was struck by the deadly severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) outbreak.” The government has been taking several new initiatives to boost the flagging tourism industry. The Hong Kong Budget waived off one-year license fee for hotels, restaurants, guesthouses, hawkers, and travel agent. Also, the government is trying to revive the tourism industry by organizing several new tourism projects and funding homegrown mega events.

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At the same time, the tourism and hospitality enterprises are exploring innovative ways to attract more international tourists by providing personalized travel experience. Several hotels and tour organizers are already using new technologies like big data analytics to seduce tourists by offering bespoke travelling experience. These enterprises use big data analytics to evaluate huge volumes of data collected from varying sources. Also, they use robust data analytics tools to identity tourist preferences and tourism market trends.

The big data analytics help tourism enterprises to offer personalized travel experience to each tourist by understanding his precise needs and preferences. The tourist data collected from various sources enable hotels to décor the room according to the guest’s taste, while offering him his favorite food and beverages. Likewise, the tour service providers can use big data analytics to offer personalized Hong Kong tour packages to each visitor. They can easily impress international visitors by customizing tour packages according to their holiday plans.

At present, most international tourists use internet to plan and organize their holidays. Hence, the hospitality and tourism enterprises can easily collect huge volumes of information from many sources. Also, they can use robust data analytics tools to analyze the data smoothly and identify the needs and preferences of individual international tourists. Hence, the people visiting Hong Kong will soon experience personalized holiday. The big data analytics will further help the Hong Kong tourism industry to attract more tourists by providing personalized travel experience.

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