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How To Make Your Hong Kong Flight Stopover A Memorable One

Stopovers are a huge a turn off. They break rhythm of your journey and on most occasions end up making you frustrated as you wait helplessly for your next mode of travel.

But if your stopover is in Hong Kong then surely it is a blessing in disguise as this city is the ideal destination for having fun during your stopover time.

This tiny city is brimmed with shopping districts, eateries, tourist spots and bustling streets. And all this is squeezed in a small geographical area, making it easy for travelers to enjoy more in less time.

The Airport Express train transports travelers from the airport to the heart of Hong Kong’s shopping district in just 24 minutes. Thus, you save time on travelling and can also keep your energy intact for enjoying your stopover time.

If you are wondering how to spend your stopover at Hong Kong then read ahead to know the plethora of activities you can do in Hong Kong and discover the answer yourself.

Start with Dim Sum and a visit to PMQ

A taste of local cuisine is the best way to start your stopover adventure. And when you are in Hong Kong there is nothing better than the delicious and mouth-watering Dim Sum.

Nowadays, Dim Sum has become a global trend and it is served in all corners of the world but if you wish to taste the authentic and traditional Dim Sum then head to Lin Heung Tea House, a small and very old restaurant located on the Wellington street.

You will have to fight for a stool here, as it always crowded with customers. This place has become an institution and a symbol of Hong Kong’s cuisine and culture. And the buzz that this restaurant is soon going to become a part of history has only increased the customer footfall.

Once seated, don’t look around for waiters to order your food. Instead watch out for the servers who stroll around the place with trolleys full of dumplings and fresh buns. Grab a few and munch on them while having a chat with your table-mates. Life cannot be more fun!

After your encounter with Dim Dum, head to PMQ, the art and culture center of this place to find an expansive collection of made-in-Hong Kong jewelry, accessories and clothes. The leather goods are also popular here.

This place was earlier a Police Married Quarters but recently it has been changed into a hub for culture and arts and now is home to several shops that sell attractive items. In all aspects, the PMQ is a must for all shoppers.

Walk on the Hollywood Road

If we are talking shopping in Hong Kong then we cannot afford to miss the Hollywood Road.

With numerous antiques shops and galleries located on both sides, the Hollywood Road presents a unique face of Hong Kong which is unfortunately getting erased in the presence of the fast paced urban development.

Along with these shops, Hollywood Road also features a number of hipster cafes and clothing stores that make you feel spoilt for choice thanks to their incredible collection.

If you are searching for souvenirs then go to Upper Lascar Row, a narrow street that runs parallel to Hollywood road on the north side. This street is famously known as Cat Street and is packed with all kinds of antiques and unique items. From Ming dynasty furniture to a propaganda poster from the Cultural Revolution, the cat street is racked with treasures that will surely blow your mind.

And when you are on the Hollywood Street, take out some time to visit the Man Mo Temple, a unique temple that worships the god of war and literature at the same place. When you enter the main courtyard of this temple, thick smoke of incense coils engulfs you while the serene architecture of this building stamps its beauty in your mind.

Explore dried seafood

At the end of the Hollywood Road lies the famous dried seafood market which is known for its variety as well as freshness. Scattered across Ko Shing, Des Veoux Road and Wing Lok streets, this seafood market is home to several treasures from the sea. A walk into this market will surely give your taste buds an adventurous ride.

Here umpteen numbers of stalls showcase a wide variety of seafood but the highlight of this place is the ‘four treasures’ of seafood- fish maw, sea cucumber, Shark skin and abalone. If you are looking forward to explore these delicacies then ensure you have a heavy wallet as these foods are a bit expensive. The taste of these foods might be a little surprising and different from your traditional ideas of sea food, but these four treasures surely give value to your money.

If you don’t want to eat something unknown then go for regular seafood such as shrimps, pork sausages and dried scallops. Packed with powerful flavors, this seafood is sure to take your taste buds by a storm. A bowl of plain white rice is all you need to enjoy these sea foods as rice seeps in all flavors and offers a pristine taste.

Recharge your batteries with the HK-style French toast

Shopping and strolling around bustling streets is fun but for that, you need to refill your tummy every now and then. If you are in Hong Kong’s shopping district in the afternoon and are looking for a quick snack to rejuvenate yourself then nothing can beat the taste and efficiency of Hong Kong style French toast.

This snack consists of two slices of white bread filled with peanut butter in the middle and dipped in eggs. It is deep fried and served with plenty of butter and a golden syrup. Combine this snack with the sweet and strong milk tea to complete your food.

Hoi On Café, located on the Connaught Road prepares stunning French toasts so if you are in Hong Kong then do visit this café to grab a bite of this delicious food item.

The Hoi On Café symbolizes the historic cha chaan tengs or tea restaurants which became Hong Kong’s life line after the second world war. The increasing number of factory workers needed high-calorie nutritious food at cheap rates and this need was fulfilled by these cafes.

A meal in Hoi On Café fills your tummy and also lets you touch this cultural aspect of Hong Kong as well.

Get a Bird’s Eye View of the city

How can you leave the colorful city of Hong Kong without gulping down the incredible view of its sky-crappers and the heavily concentrated business district?

After you are done with shopping and eating, head to Victoria Peak, the highest point of the city and watch this glimmering town from the top. Here you get a view as breathtaking as the city itself. Store the sight of all these lavish skyscrapers standing tall amidst the serene sea in your eyes and ink it in your memory.

You might have to spend some time in queue to get your chance to view the city and if you hate waiting for a long time then reach the top through a taxi, an expensive but less time consuming option. You can then use the tramp while coming down to balance the costs.

And if you plan your timing correctly, then you might reach the top of the peak at the best time- The evening, when the natural light is getting erased by darkness and the city opens its eyes through sparkling artificial lights. In the evening the harbor shines brightly in the night sky and becomes a picture perfect sight.

The night life

Kick start night life in Hong Kong by treating yourself with a traditional Hong Kong meal at a traditional restaurant. To get the best of taste and ambience, walk into Sing Kee, an open-air restaurant that provides a pristine view of stars and darkness.

Situated on the Stanley Street, this place is popular for serving some of the finest and authentic Hong Kong meals. Hong Kong food is known for ‘wok hei’ that gives the food a unique and rich charred taste. Wok hei is a highly complicated process of cooking that involves stir-frying at extremely hot temperature.

After the meals, gulp down some drinks and enjoy the sterling night life in Hong Kong. You won’t have to struggle to find a place to drink as Hong Kong has plethora of bars. The Lan Kwai Fong nightlife district is home to about 100 bars that are open until wee hours of the morning. So you can chill as long as you wish and more importantly as long as your next flight permits.

Sevva is a famous bar on the Charter road and it is known for its drinks and ambience. It has a terrace that opens up to a pleasantly surprising view of the city. By standing here, you can gauge at the harbor and city’s modern architecture. You can get a view of Hong Kong’s colonial buildings as well which are becoming a rare sight now.


There is no dearth of entertainment and fun in Hong Kong. All you need is time and the zeal to experience the booming facets of this island.

The above guide will surely help you in enjoying the best of Hong Kong during your stopover time. So the next time you stopover in Hong Kong you know what you need to do!