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The Most Entertaining Way to Experience Hong Kong New Year Fireworks

While holidaying in Hong Kong, you have option to participate in entertaining New Year programs and parties organized by various hotels, clubs and tour guides. But you can always make the New Year celebrations more special by experiencing Hong Kong Fireworks program. You must not forget that Hong Kong was a British colony before becoming part of the China. Hence, the people in Hong Kong celebrate both English and Chinese New Years by displaying spectacular fireworks and firecrackers each year.

You must consider joining a New Year’s Eve Fireworks Cruise to experience a variety of fireworks and firecrackers being launched from both land as well as harbor. You will also love to experience fireworks being launched from many popular landmarks in Hong Kong, as the IFC Tower displays the main countdown to the New Year. The New Year celebrations will become more spectacular as you experience the fireworks on board the largest vessel in the Victoria Harbor.

The three-deck tall vessel will stand majestically in the middle of the harbor decorated for Christmas and enable you to observe fireworks being landed from various locations. At the same time, the celebration will become more entertaining with the delicious snacks, alcoholic beverages and deluxe dinner buffet served on the vessel. Also, you will make the experience more enjoyable by participating in a number of fun activities including tattoo snickering, live music and fortunetelling.

You can easily be a part of the Hong Kong Fireworks Cruise Programmer by booking a seat online. There are many private tour providers who allow tourists to gather information about the Hong Kong Fireworks Cruise Programme and become part of the program through their website. You can always consider booking the seats through a reliable private tour guide to experience in magnificent firework show in the most luxurious way.