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Top 7 Fun Things to Do in Hong Kong

Many international tourists visit Hong Kong to unleash their shopping frenzies. But you must not forget that Hong Kong is a former British colony, in addition to being an international business hub. The culture and lifestyle of the local people are influenced by multiple countries. Hence, you have to visit many sites to trace the history of the region from prehistoric to modern times. At the same time, you also need to indulge in a number of exciting activities to explore the city and its scenic beauty in a completely different way.

7 Exciting Things You Must Do While Holidaying in Hong Kong


1) Catch the Star Ferry

Catch the Star Ferry

Image Source: The Happy Trip

The international tourists ride the Star Ferry to explore towering skyscrapers and amazing skyline of the city in a distinct way.  The famous ferry takes the riders on a scenic path while floating along the calm water. You must catch the Star Ferry during night to make the experience more exciting with Symfony at light show.

2) Enjoy Spectacular Views of Victoria Peak

Spectacular Views of Victoria Peak

Image Credited to: Travel – National Geographic

A larger number of tourists visit Victoria Peak to observe the skyscrapers and blue waterway from the highest point on Hong Kong. You must visit Victoria Peak in the morning to see the spectacular views along with distant green hills.

3) Visit Lantau Island

Lantau Island

Image Source: Catalyzing Change

While holidaying in Hong Kong, you must visit Lantau Island to explore many historical sites along with relaxing on sunny beaches. You will love the experience of taking a leisurely walk on the longest beach in Hong Kong while relishing a variety of delicious seafood. Likewise, you will surely be mesmerized by the massive Buddha statue located near the Po Lin Monastery.

4) Spend Time at Hong Kong Museum of History

Hong Kong Museum

Image Source: DPlus Guide

The history and culture of Hong Kong are shaped by two distinct countries – Britain and China. Hence, you must spend some time at the Hong Kong Museum of History during your vacation to trace the history of the region from prehistoric to modern times. The 90000+ historical objects and materials displayed at the museum will make you understand the history of Hong Kong.

5) Visit Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks

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While holidaying in Hong Kong, you can consider visiting popular amusement parks like Ocean Park, Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, and Disneyland. Many international tourists love to spend time with their family at Ocean Park or Disneyland. Likewise, you will also make your holiday memorable by observing the Symphony of Stars from Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade.

6) Explore Many Street Markets

Hong Kong Street Markets

Your Hong King trip will remain incomplete without exploring the diverse and thriving street markets in the region. You have to visit multiple street markets to buy different products as each neighborhood specializes in specific merchandize. Also, you will love the experience of interacting with the local sellers and bargaining with them for best prices.

7) Relax at the Nan Lian Garden

the Nan Lian Garden

Image Source: Navjot Singh

You have option to visit many popular sites and tourist destinations in Hong Kong. Hence, there are always chances that you may feel exhausted after visiting many places. You can always consider relaxing at the Nan Lian Garden to regain your lost energy and feel revitalized. While relaxing in the 9-acre public park, you will love to observe the gurgling springs, lotus ponds and traditional Chinese architecture.

On the whole, you have many places to see and things to do in Hong Kong. Hence, you must plan your holiday in advance to indulge in a number of exciting activities, while exploring popular tourist destinations in Hong Kong.