Experience Breathtaking Monuments Surrounded by Nature

Contrasting starkly from the concrete jungle of Hong Kong, Tai O is a humble, historic fishing village characterised by its stilt houses. Here, we’ll have the opportunity to take a boat ride down the river to get a closer look at the houses and storefronts, and you’ll gain a greater understanding of the activities on the Pearl River, which connects to the main port of Southern China. We’ll then head out into open ocean to see if we can find one of the special pink dolphins unique to Hong Kong.

After making a few more stops around other seaside villages, temples, and monasteries, we’ll finally head to the Big Buddha to witness the stunning beauty of this monument surrounded by lush greenery. On the way back, you’ll have the option to take the Ngong Ping cable car (at your own expense) and then we’ll head back to Hong Kong capital. You’ll come away from this tour knowing the real Hong Kong–the lively and evolving city that everyone knows and the beautiful tranquility that lies beyond.