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7 Sightseeing Tips to Make Your Upcoming Hong Kong Holiday More Exciting

In addition to being a global financial hub, Hong Kong is also one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. Many international tourists visit Hong Kong to explore its shopping streets and night markets. In addition to unleashing their shopping frenzies, the international tourists also love to visit beaches, architectural landmarks, and scenic beauty. You can always make your Hong Kong trip more exciting and entertaining by planning the holiday in advance. Also, you must keep in mind a number of sightseeing tips to explore Hong Kong in a different way.

7 Sightseeing Tips to Explore Hong Kong in a Different Way

1) Plan Camping Expeditions

Hong Kong is a densely populated urban center. But Hong Kong is also a major port in Asia. While holidaying in Hong Kong, you can always consider spending time at isolated beaches which are located at a short distance from the crowded area. You can even consider pitching a tent to explore the natural landscape of Hong Kong away from the crowd.

2) Ride Boats instead of Ferries

For many international tourists, Star Ferry is an inseparable part of Hong Kong trip. They love to ride Star Ferry to explore Hong Kong in a different way. But you still have option to explore Hong Kong by riding conventional boats. The boat ride will enable you to explore the harbor in a more exciting way and explore several artists’ villages.

3) Observe Artists at Work

Despite being a modern city, Hong Kong is famous for its artists and tailors. You can consider visiting a number of artists to observe artists working on their masterpieces. The trip will also give you a chance to interact with the local artists and understand the cultural heritage of the region.

4) Visit the Local Fashion Malls

Hog Kong will seduce you to unleash your shopping frenzies. You have option to shop at many international stores, commercial centers, and big malls. But you can always make the trip different by shopping at the mini shops in various local fashion malls. The mini shops sell designer bags, shoes, jewelry and similar items made by local designers.

5) Spend Time in an Abandoned Island

You will find a number of abandoned or isolated islands in Hong Kong. Some of these islands were earlier occupied by local people. But the people abandoned the islands to take advantage of Hong Kong’s economic boom. You can spend some time in such islands to explore the deserted buildings and lonely atmosphere while holidaying in the densely populated city.

6) Increase Your Luck at the Che Kung Temple

Like Chinese people, the local people also believe in knowing their luck in love, business, or lottery. They visit the Che Kung Temple to enhance their prospects by spinning a bronze windmill thrice. You can visit the Che Kung Temple and spin the bronze windmill thrice to increase your luck.

7)  Pick Your Favorite Seafood

You can always make your Hong Kong trip more exciting by tasting the local cuisines. You can even consider buying you favorite seafood and get them cooked at certain restaurants. There are a number of restaurants that allow visitors to bring their own seafood and get them cooked with traditional ingredients for a small fee.

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